Welcome to the Blockchain


BlockChange156A major computer science breakthrough appeared via an anonymous paper in 2008. For the first time in human history, a secure-yet-decentralized ledger system was born. Called Bitcoin. One unit of this “cryptocurrency” initially had a value of near zero. Five years later, the price of one Bitcoin exceeded $1000USD. Today Bitcoin exists among many related projects.

On one topic most knowledgeable critics and promoters will agree, that for better or for worse, this invention will dramatically alter society. Indeed, the “blockchain” technology upon which cryptocurrencies are built can and will be used for much more than just money.

Blockchains have inspired us to take a year off from vagabonding. We are spending the whole year of 2014 in one place so that we may learn more and invest in blockchains of all kinds. We’ve created a new website called blockchange.info to focus all of that attention.

Below are some external links to help you understand exactly why we’re so excited:

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Description – Technical explanation aimed at non-tech users

Building upon the Blockchain – Cryptocurreny is much more than money

Twitter list of cryptocurrency developers

Ethereum – A new application crypto built by reputable developers

Micropayments – A new approach to truly independent media

Disruptive Technology – Bitcoin is a platform, not a product

Deflation Concerns – Ouishare examines the pitfalls of limited supply

Zerocoin – A Johns Hopkins project to anonymize transactions


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