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enema function

Enema Function

  • Lotus 900 series and model 1000 are equipped with Centralized Rotary Bubble Water Streams technology which was developed for the first time in the world. The ¡®Enema' nozzle sends the aerated water stream that opens up the rectum. The water stream can break up the feces and make the bowel move smoothly and completely. Say goodbye to constipation and hemorrhoids. The enema also cleanses the colon thoroughly and comfortably. The Lotus ¡®enema' eliminates the need to stick a tube inside your body. Colon cleansing becomes easy, comfortable like never before.
  • The Lotus 900 series and model 1000 offer a perfect solution to constipation first time in history. It is all natural, comfortable and convenient. Feel clean and refreshed everyday.
  • Hemorrhoids are caused mostly by constipation. The dry hard stools cut the anal area while being pushed out. The wound has to endure more strain and frictions of feces before it has a chance to heal. Now with the help of Lotus ¡®enema function', your daily bowel movement becomes a breeze. The hemorrhoids will be cured naturally.
  • Colon cleansing is no longer a difficult task thanks to Lotus ¡®Enema function'. The push button operation makes so easy and convenient. You can do it everyday while seating comfortably on the Lotus Smart Toilet Seat (900 series, and model 1000)



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