Charleston No: Chicago

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Oct 012015

CAM00214At the end of August I bought this van on Craiglist for $900 from a somewhat shady little dude calling himself Frank. A few days later I had sold the sailboat to Jordan, the owner of the electrical company I worked for for. Within two hours of the sail sale I was on the road in the van, non-stop 14 hours overnight all the way back to Southern Illinois. After a few whirlwind days of visiting family in Illinois I arrived all the way to the top of the state, a place known as Chicago. At midnight on that day Sarah arrived to the airport, so white from living in a Boise subdivision for two months that I didn’t recognize her.

And now we are settling into our new home on the south side of the city, in the basement of my college friend Ericka. There are also two other roommates upstairs, an unemployed carpenter and a pipe-fitter.  I will start doing light construction work on Monday. Sarah does paid editing work online and Ericka is an elementary school music teacher.  And a dog and two cats, not six feet between the houses. One big happy family.

For the first time in years we will experience a long, cold snowy winter. And yes there are more photos:

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  9. Admit it Mr. Kiser.
    Your using that big van to transport dead animal corpses for your deranged sexual impulses. Time to come clean, your in Chi Town to rebuild the murder castle of H H Holmes.

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