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This guy has caused me so much unnecessary trouble that I’ve decided to devote an entire blog to him, and to provide others a place to share problems they’ve had with him. Bill Chamberlain is the manager of Saint John’s Yacht Harbor, and he’s taking the business with him into a psychotic downward spiral. The marina is owned by a group of investors. The idea behind this blog is that they will read here a compilation of horror stories written by people who have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with Bill Chamberlain.

Here’s my story:

I moved to the marina in February 2015 and rented a slip there for two months, at a cost of about $1000. During most of that time I had very little contact with Mr. Chamberlain, but was warned by the community that he was an anti-social loose cannon. In mid-March he communicated with me through his dockmaster, saying that we would need to either provide proof of insurance and sign a 6-month lease or leave by April 1st. The cost of doing so would have been about $2000, not my idea of living on a boat, so I met personally with Bill in the marina office and asked if we could work out an agreement in which I’d pay to use the marina facilities while living at anchor instead. This was supposed go be a good arrangement for everyone, as I would have access to dingy dockage and showers, and the marina would be profiting from it without risk.

And so I moved the boat to anchor a few hundred yards from the marina and bought $1000 worth of equipment to become independent of the power grid. After a couple weeks of not hearing back from Bill I became suspicious. Considering his troubled reputation, I chose to communicate with him by email in case I should ever need a record of our conversations.

from: Garth Kiser <garthkiser@gmail.com>

to: bchamberlain@sjyh.com

date: Wed, May 27, 2015 at 10:38 AM

Subject: Distant Drum

Hello Bill,

This is Garth and Sarah from Distant Drum, the black mast currently anchored south of the bridge. You probably remember that we left the marina at the end of the last month due to insurance/lease costs.
(irrelevant small talk removed for brevity, saying I took a job nearby that would last until at least the next year)
We would like to continue living at anchor regardless of income, and this spot is obviously great for me getting to work. A month ago I had asked you about using the marina services while at anchor. You said it was fine, and I asked to pay for the services. You both said you would get back to me but I never heard anything. I thought maybe this was because you were busy, or maybe because you are not supposed to make such arrangements with boats at anchor.
So, can we continue to use the facilities? If it does indeed pose some kind of policy problem, would it be possible to offer some service to the marina? I mean that if I was to work part-time in exchange for access to the property, then I would be there as an employee rather than a boater at anchor.
I would really like to make this work out somehow. I have plenty of great references and my own basic tools for light construction. You can contact me by email or (phone number removed).
Thank You,
Garth Kiser
Distant Drum
Mr. Chamberlain responded cheerfully the very next day:


Glad to hear that you will remain in the Charleston area for the next year!

You are correct, as I have been extremely busy as the season is well underway and we are nearing full capacity at the marina.  I’m sure we can come to an acceptable agreement to let you guys continue using the facilities.

I’ll get back to you by early next week, as I will be busy the next few days with my daughter’s wedding.

Thanks, and congrats on landing a full-time job!


Bill Chamberlain, CMM

General Manager

St. Johns Yacht Harbor

No response came that next week, nor the following six. Although I saw Mr. Chamberlain multiple times each week, he simply put his head down and walked on by, usually not even responding to “hello.” As this was his customary behavior, and considering his positive email, I assumed he was still busy. I expected that once he’d decided on an agreement, I’d backpay for all the time I’d spent using marina facilities while living at anchor. The price didn’t really matter, because I’d discovered by this time that I preferred the privacy and solitude of the open water, as opposed to being surrounded by other people and boats, no matter how lovely they were.

As July approached, horror stories concerning Mr. Chamberlain intensified, his increasingly erratic behavior causing a number of safety issues and frequent annoyances among the marina population. And then came his breaking point:

The bridge leading to the marina collapsed just before the weekend of July 4th, trapping some 100 cars in the parking lot for several days. Half of the bridge had been roped off in a state of disrepair for quite some time before the collapse. It had been known for years actually that the bridge was severely troubled, though Mr. Chamberlain had ordered no repairs during his two years as manager. And now he was feeling the brunt of his inaction, enduring an endless stream of attention from angry residents. His severely anti-social personality went into overdrive as he shooed away reporters and even marina residents attempting to take photos of the bridge. Those attempting even to walk over the temporary bridge were threatened with expulsion from the property, and a dozen or so signs in large red block letters repeated this threat. It is clear, Mr. Chamberlain should have been an evil insurance company claims lawyer, not the manager of a vibrant marina community.

Next, Mr. Chamberlain targeted his quiet rage directly at me in this email.

On Jul 15, 2015 8:49 AM, <bchamberlain@sjyh.com>wrote:


As you are no longer are renting a slip as a long term transient guest, I can no longer allow you or Sarah to utilize St. Johns Yacht Harbor facilities.  I have been receiving numerous inquiries from slip tenants asking why I am allowing non-tenants to use the facilities.

Due to the increased awareness from the tenants, I am now instructing you to no longer use the courtesy dock, bathroom/shower facilities, and Captain’s Retreat lounge area. Failure to comply with this directive will leave me with no choice but to consider you trespassing on marina property, with appropriate action being taken.

If you would like to rent a slip for a month, and can provide proof of insurance coverage on your vessel, we will certainly consider this an option.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Bill Chamberlain, CMM
General Manager
St. Johns Yacht Harbor


Had Mr. Chamblerlain explained his extreme reversal, or simply offered a one-sentence apology then I would have left in peace. But instead I received a threat, which forced me to take time off work the very next day to move the boat. Due to Mr. Chamblerain’s irrational whims I’ve been suddenly uprooted from the marina community I’d come to love, and I’m now lying at anchor in potentially hazardous territory until other arrangements can be made. Certainly I’m not the only one with a Bill Chamberlain horror story to tell.

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  1. Im just looking for the porn on this site. Come on 2 young nubile youngsters alone and penniless and not one god damn story, picture, or video of sex for lodging and food. I call shenanigans on the whole thing!

    • I check this thing religiously for the same damn thing. Where is all the bukake? What about the horseplay? There has to be some pirate – themed necrobeastiality somewhere on this site.

    • I was hoping to see Mr. Kiser in a video on the bow of the Distant Drum in a Gonzo thong, drunk, dancing to Will Farrell’s “Boats and Hoes!”

    • Did someone say porn? Oh man I hope its amateur. 2 people traveling, gotta be some wild shit there. Id make that mook Kiser take a good pegging from that girl if they wanted a ride from me. He looks like a guy who knows how Tu Le the pipe!

  2. Your irrational comments are yours alone. lets set the facts straight before you contort them. As a paying slip holder of SJYH, I suggest you look elsewhere. Those of us that choose to be here and pay the stated rate to be a slip holder politely ask you to find a marina commensurate with your economic needs. I believe you set an unrealistic expectation. You asked Bill for an accommodation without being a slip holder. I have insurance that covers my boat and any other boat here I may contact. This is a requirement for all slip holders here. It seems he attempted to accommodate you but ultimately he has to abide by the rule of the investors. If you wish to change the rule, buy the marina. Life works this way. Boating is expensive and if your not able to participate at the level required to be at the SJYH I’m sure there is a marina or mooring available for you somewhere else. Good luck to you. By the way i hear the Charleston City Marina is likely to work with you, try them. Your critical comments are unwarranted.

  3. Bill and I used to be in Kiwanis together, and I could not agree more. There is something very odd about this man, you never know which Bill you’re going to see.

    Recently, during a very important event that was attended by many of our highly respected dignitaries, we were playing statue tag and I SWEAR he moved.

    I know he did, but he just stood there in front of everyone insisting he did not.

    I would be very careful around Bill.

    His wife sure can dance, though, can’t she?

  4. I lived next door to Bill for 13 years. I know exactly what you’re talking about. He is quite a moron. One day, everything is fine, and the next day he kicks you square in the balls. I just don’t get it. I once caught him fucking a dead opossum. He paid me $1200 to stay quiet. 3 months later, I found out he told half the neighborhood that he caught me shitting in his back yard. I don’t even shit in my own back yard. He’s had 3 unsuccessful suicide attempts that I know of. Apparently, he can’t even do that right. Finally getting a chance to move away from Bill was the best part of losing my home to foreclosure.

    • Seriously…you’re a moron! Can’t believe you can sleep @ night after making ridiculous comments like that!!!

      • Screw you, lady. I sleep very well. I didn’t know that you make the rules here. I’m not allowed to say anything about your little boyfriend, but you can call me a moron. Smh. How do you sleep at night? Your reply to my comment is unwarranted and yours alone.

      • You should not be judging to harshly I think. In my village such actions would be met with mass rapings and beheadings of his family. Mr. Delgado, infidel though he is, has simply stated his opinion. Alluah Ackbar! Death to America.
        P.S. Mr. Kiser does look tempting for a revenge raping. No homo.

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