May 092015

Our time at St. John’s Yacht Harbor is coming to an end. We had planned on staying long-term so that I(Garth) could keep working and buying cryptocurrency, but were suddenly faced with signing a lease. Yes, you heard that right, a lease….at a marina. The lease would have cost $1000 and could not have been signed without proof of insurance, which would have cost another $1000. That’s ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS¬†for insurance on something that goes FIVE MILES PER HOUR. Yeah, we didn’t think so either. We’ve sold out for a year to get our hands into the blockchain, and any more sellout seems to be on the verge of deliberate evil. Insurance companies and legal contracts can go to hell.

Being at anchor immediately made getting to land cumbersome at best, and impossible during bad weather, so I quit working rather than becoming unreliable. For a brief time I even considered buying a car to prolong the crypto buying, but it all comes back to that pure evil of giving money to the government and corporations. They can all burn, go to hell, then burn some more while they’re down there.

This means that the age of Garth and Sarah buying into the blockchain has come to a close with no new entry in sight. This has nothing to do with our belief in the technology, and it will soon be evident to all that the world has forever changed. Our exit from that scene has only to do with patience and conscience.

We currently live on roughly $100 per week that Sarah makes doing paid writing gigs on For most people this would be nothing, but for us it means the ability to cruise freely in our boat. Living on Gonzo in 2009, our expenditure was even less. For now we plan on making our way north, using both the Intracoastal Waterway and the ocean, depending on the weather and how we feel. As usual, who really knows?


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