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Vln85Wmd_burned (1)It has been a while since I shared a story from my cryptocurrency experiences. As Sarah and I have settled into a routine we’ve been less motivated to write, but for the whole past year our interest in cryptocurrency has continued on a daily basis.

Week after week, without exception, for 8 months…..we invested $200 per week into a portfolio of cryptocurrencies and other “blockchain-based” projects. Overall, our results have been mostly flat. Our largest investment, bitcoin, has fallen in value by up to 50%, while some of our small investments have earned up to 10,000%

The year is soon over and we’ll go back to our traveling lifestyle, but the long-term results of this year could possibly shape the rest of our lives. We got a little taste of that this past week with a cryptocurrency project called CLAMs.

Back in the early summer I first noticed CLAMs on the cryptocurrency message board . Back then CLAMs was just a small handful of cool geeks who had produced an unknown work of genius. Reading about it the first time, I decided then and there that this was going to become a special project for me. Although I have no advanced programming skills, I wanted to contribute to the CLAMs dream in any way possible.

And so I introduced myself to the CLAMs developers in their IRC chat channel. We instantly got along well with similar visions and senses of humor. Within a few days I had created a CLAMs informational website and registered the domain Soon afterwards a member of the CLAMs team nicknamed creativecuriosity asked if I would work with her to create an “official” website.

And so it happened. A new website was born at that time, and then we created a 2.0 version of the site in the early fall. The price fell all during this time; $2USD, $1, 50 cents…….5 cents. I rode the CLAM train all the way down, buying little by little the whole time. Running the CLAMclient software with a respectable balance of CLAMs allowed me to mint hundreds more CLAMs. As of the beginning of December this stash amounted to less than $100USD, which meant an overall loss of about $150. During this time I became better acquainted with other’s on the CLAMs development team, including the mastermind named xploited. A small skilled team was slowly growing around CLAMs.

For at least as long as I’ve been involved with CLAMs, there has been a person involved who’s only known as Dooglus. He, like the other developers, has remained anonymous, only known by his screen name. Dooglus had also noticed the CLAMs post on and decided to get involved. Unlike me, Dooglus is a genius computer programmer.

Over the course of the summer Dooglus spent increasing amounts of time assisting with the development of CLAMs, His presence within the group was a great morale boost also because of his history with one of the most popular bitcoin websites ever to exist; At its height in the early summer, just-dice was a base for millions of dollars in bitcoin gambling, and also served as a revenue source for anyone who wished to invest as the house. Gamblers and investors could all do so anonymously, and business was booming.

And then in June just-dice abruptly shut down, citing Canadian regulations. All users were able to withdrawal their bitcoins, but the cryptocurrency community had lost its most beloved gambling and investment site. Beyond just being an entertainment source, many people credited just-dice with creating a demand that helped to massively drive up the bitcoin price.

Then out of the blue in early December, Dooglus announced that just-dice was coming back online the very next day, but not as a bitcoin gambling site. No, this time around it would only be accepting CLAMs! Word spread like wildfire and the price of a CLAM went straight through the roof.

CLAMs trading volume was an even bigger story than price, though. CLAMs was still listed on a single cryptocurrency exchange, Most of the summer CLAMs had traded a few dollars per day, or a couple hundred dollars on a good day. Now with the just-dice demand it was suddenly trading 50, 100, even nearly 200 bitcoins over 24-hour periods, upwards of $50,000. Not only had CLAMs set itself apart among 1000 other cryptocurrencies, it was suddenly among the top ten in trading volume. Anyone like myself who had been holding a few hundred dollars worth of CLAMs in early December, was holding a few thousand dollars in mid-December.

And that there is my best cryptocurrency story of 2014, maybe a five digit profit by the end of the year, or back to 5 cents, we’ll see!

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