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  3 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Sarah and Garth,

    Its Lindsay Brown from DC.Great blog! I’m inspired! Thanks for letting me interview on November 22 at K Street. I haven’t posted any video yet due to not having internet at home where my video editing equipment is and other technical impediments I hope to overcome within 2 weeks.

    I’m planning on interviewing economists here in DC who are making new models. If you know contact info for anyone who could thoughtfully speak on that, would you send me their info?

    Stay in touch and stay well on your journey!

  2. As this most recent “Girl fight” video only shows half of the actual scene, I am requesting that you take this video off immediately. I would be glad to give you further details on a more secure site as to why this is necessary. I understand that many people have the right to show anything that they think is proper, but my request is to prevent any further retaliation. Please take this request very seriously.
    Thank you for your immediate cooperation.