Why Your Dating Profile is Excruciatingly Boring… and How You Can Fix It

Warning for Pursuing Nothing regulars: I’ve been living in the suburbs for three quarters of a year… this type of shit is bound to happen. Warning for the rest of you: this is advice from a writer who normally refuses to take part in civilized society. It’s not for people who want to be normal. [...]

Bitcoin & Peer to Peer Governance

The United States government is broken beyond repair, corrupt beyond reform. There’s no debating that. The question is, what can we do about it? We can move on. There’s no need to waste time repairing or tearing down our broken system. Instead, we must starve it to death by creating and transitioning to a brand [...]

A Wireless Mesh of Blockchain Servers

  The Bitcoin protocol is a monumental leap towards a peer-governed future, but what happens when the Internet goes down? This is a common question, and a very valid one. Any large-scale Internet outage or blockage would surely be very bad for any software that relies on blockchain verifications. Right now cryptocurrencies are the only [...]

Energy, Currency & Communications: Decentralized

Pillars of civilization are decentralizing at a rapid pace, our future becoming less clear with each passing day. There are those among us who reject this great unknown, and those like myself who will fight for even the slightest possibility of a future that is not forever inhibited by the great repulsive forces of centralization. [...]

The Hotel Catalina

January 22-29 I hadn’t showered in a week and I had only been in the bathroom for ten minutes. I wasn’t shaving my legs, blow-drying my hair, putting on makeup or doing anything else that wasn’t absolutely necessary. I was just trying to get clean. But there had to be some stupid, impatient whore banging [...]